Universal Dreamcast Patcher


Universal Dreamcast Patcher aims to provide an easy, cross-format game patching solution for the Dreamcast community. Such patches typically come in the form of English translations and other ROM hacks.

Universal Dreamcast Patcher is designed to accept any disc image as its source, whether it be formatted as a TOSEC-style GDI or a Redump-style CUE. This application will extract any disc image meeting those standards, overwrite and/or add to its data according to a given patch (DCP file), and then rebuild the disc image with the new data. Due to the flexible nature of acceptable disc image input, file hashes are not utilized for pre/post-patching verification.

As of version 1.3, Universal Dreamcast Patcher now ships bundled with its own dedicated patch-building utility. This utility, Universal Dreamcast Patch Builder, produces a DCP patch file based on changes between two disc images (modified and original).

Convert GDEMU SD Card to MODE


A utility to convert a GDEMU-formatted SD card to one suited for the MODE.

This utility will move, rename, and delete files on the target SD card in order to conform to MODE's requirements, including single-folder multi-disc support. Please do not run this program against a copy of your daily-use GDEMU SD card. Instead, use a copy or backup.

Note that this utility expects the target SD card to have been created with Madsheep's SD Card Maker for GDMenu (or any other management tool that conforms to GDMenu's standards).

Dreamcast IP.BIN Patcher


A utility to apply both region flag and region text patches to a Dreamcast IP.BIN file.

This utility will patch both the single-byte region flag(s) starting at offset 0x30 (decimal 48), and the 28-byte region text string(s) starting at offset 0x3704 (decimal 14084), inside of IP.BIN.

When rebuilding a GDI with a modified IP.BIN (e.g., shipping a translation patch), certain emulators will refuse to boot the disc image unless both of these areas are patched consistently. While using an emulator's HLE BIOS option can avoid this issue, this BIOS can sometimes lead to compatibility issues not present in the stock Dreamcast BIOS.

Note that an ODE can circumvent these region-flag consistency requirements by enabling its region-free option. However, for perfectionist's sake, and given that many are playing Dreamcast games via emulators, this utility can be helpful for those who do want to supply a region-modified IP.BIN with their patch.



A Perl module containing useful functions for those developing translation patches and other forms of ROM hacks.



A utility to recursively scan a folder of files for a known byte-string.

xStation Image Renamer


A utility to rename CUE/BIN files to reflect folder name, as to customize game list as it appears in xStation's menu.